Me in Media, Sept. 13, 7 PM, VPL (free)

I guess I have decided to add media-related events to this blog also.

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How does ethnicity shape the stories we tell about our city and ourselves?
Do you think media plays a role in creating a more inclusive Vancouver?
Join media makers and educators as we re-imagine Vancouver as a more inclusive city and challenge dominant stereotypes through the use of media. Speakers from diverse backgrounds will share their experiences working within, critiquing and even challenging how ethnicity is covered in Vancouver’s media landscape. They will explore the question “How can media be used to create a more inclusive Vancouver?” Speakers include:
Stuart Poyntz, Assistant Professor at the SFU School of Communication;
Shima Ghailan, UNA-Canada M&M intern with Media Democracy Day;
Riaz Meghji, co-host Breakfast Television, CityTV;
Sid Tan, Communications and Media Producer, W2 Board of Directors and chair,
Chinese Canadian National Council
After the presentations, moderator Jennifer Chen will host a Q&A session, inviting questions from the audience. Chen is an associate producer at CBC Radio and co-founder of the Asian Canadian Journalists Association (ACJA) of Vancouver. The ACJA is an organisation devoted to fostering a community of journalists who share ideas about how to better represent and cover diverse cultures in local newsrooms and news organisations.

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