Rennie Collection at Wing Sang Building in Chinatown (free, by reservation)

Bob Rennie is the realtor who spearheaded Vancouver’s downtown condo craze 20+ years ago. If you ever wonder why Vancouver has a much more vibrant downtown at night than Seattle or Portland or many other cities, he’s one significant reason.

Bob Rennie is also an art collector, and he has a private gallery which he makes available to visitors. You sign up for a spot (see the Visit menu on the Rennie Collection website, and then you get a guided tour of whatever the latest exhibition is.

Currently, Martin Creed’s works are featured. You get the thrilling experience of making your way through thousands of pink balloons (literally), and then on to the rest of his collection.

There’s no excuse for missing out on this free art experience, so sign up! The Wing Sang building has been beautifully renovated and is worth seeing just from that point of view.

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