MANY PATHS OF OUR RESISTANCE, Celebration of Art, Oct. 5, 6-8 PM, Gastown (by donation)

From the Powell Street Festival Facebook page:

The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and Gallery Gachet are proud to present Many Paths of Our Resistance, a Celebration of Art, from October 5-8, 2011.

On Oct 5, 6-8pm, drop by to share food and listen to stories by the Power of Women social justice group for the opening night! Throughout the week, please also join us as we honour women’s daily expressions of joy, struggle and creativity. Drop in for presentations and workshops by the Thursday morning Brush Painting group, Chinese Seniors Program, and Saturday afternoon Art Workshop. All workshops and events will take place at Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova. Everyone welcome!

For more information, please contact Proma at 604-681-8480 ext 239.

a celebration of art by the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre
Opening Celebration, Oct 5, 6-8pm
Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova

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