Late Night Art, Cambie Village, Nov. 6 (tonight), 8:30 PM

This workshop is $20, but given what it includes, it’s an excellent value.

From the Eventbrite page,

Once again, we are offering an evening of collaborative artmaking, ambient music, to-die-for food and discussion at the 6th edition of Late Nite Art – a social art experience.

Late Nite Art is a facilitated workshop that encourages you to work in free form. Come meet interesting people, have some drinks and eats, and share thought-provoking discussion on what it means to create in collaboration. Check out for photos from previous events.

Late Nite Art is an open platform for all non-artists and artists alike to come together. You don’t need to be able to colour within the lines or draw portraits of fruit bowls – you just need your ears, eyes, and hands to put your imagination on the page!

The $20 entrance fee includes workshop, a glass of wine, and a tasty menu of select local products courtesy of Alexander McNaughton and your local farmer’s markets.

Given that we can only accommodate a maximum of 22 people, we require your confirmation in advance to guarantee you a seat.

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