American Intelligence (play), Spectral Theatre Society, to Nov. 26, $15 in advance

American Intelligence (play), Spectral Theatre Society, to Nov. 26, $15 in advance

A little different horror show than the typical one offered by Spectral Theatre.

From the Facebook page:


Nov. 17th – 26th, 2011, Thurs – Sat.
Tickets $15 in advance or $20 at the door.
Doors at 9:30 and show at 10:00pm.

Tickets are available here…

Area 51. Operation Paperclip. MK Ultra. JFK. MLK. RFK. Malcom X. Watergate. Jonestown. New Coke. Iran/Contra. Etc, etc, etc…

Ever wonder what really happened? What really went down? Who was responsible? What’s the secret? American Intelligence has the answers to all your conspiracy questions. American Intelligence is the answer. Are you ready to belly laugh while your mind is completely blown? Join Agent Bull and Rooster as they blow the lid off of some of the most top secret secrets of the 20th century. Follow along as they wade, hip deep, in the events that helped to shape the paranoid world we live in today. Find out what THEY don’t want you to know! The only clearance required is a sense of humour and the price of admission.

American Intelligence, it’s not just an oxymoron, it’s a full time career.

Remember; the complete lack of evidence is the surest sign that the conspiracy is working.

We the following can neither confirm nor deny our involvement in this production…

Agent Rooster – Andrew Harron
Agent Bull – Gerald Varga
Teno, Bellhop, Bawdy, Hadith, & Nurse – David Quast

Written by David Quast, Mark Wheeler and Bas Rynsewyn
Directed by L.H. Oswald & S. Sirhan

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