Hotel Bethlehem at the Firehall

Hotel Bethlehem at the Firehall

Dec. 18-23, and the Wednesday, Dec. 19 matinee at 1 PM is pay-what-you-can.

This holiday season it’s time to consider that the history we know may not be the real story. Farce meets satire meets holiday fare in Hotel Bethlehem, where we playfully invite the audience to consider another interpretation of what happened that fateful night!

Have you ever wondered why The Inn was full? Who would turn away a very pregnant woman? What kind of characters and shenanigans were they up to that this could happen? Surprisingly, no one has asked these questions, until now. Award winning playwright Drew McCreadie takes an inside look at what was going on at the Inn that infamous silent night.

From the shepherds who first saw the star, Sam and Ezekial, to the Inns owner, Joshua, confusion abounds when the three Kings – Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar – try to hide their true selves from the Roman soldiers Lewdious and Hepion .  Adding to the confusion are the blind census-taker Addius Miopicus and the Inn’s staff, Mary, not to be confused with THE Mary who is in the stables waiting for Joseph to give her birthing guidance.

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