Late Night Art, Dec. 13

Late Night Art, Dec. 13

Although the price is a bit higher than many events featured here, this includes both a dinner and an art-creation workshop, with accompanying music, so I think it’s a great deal overall.

The 18th edition of Late Nite Art is happening Thursday December 13th in the West End.

Late Nite Art is an evening of collaborative art, ambient music, to-die-for food and insightful discussion. In a few words, it’s a social art experience.

Late Nite Art is an open platform for all non-artists and artists alike to come together and work in free form. You don’t need to be able to colour within the lines or draw portraits of fruit bowls – you just need your eyes, ears, and an open mind.

Come mingle with new and old friends, treat your taste buds to some delectable eats and drinks and participate in an insightful discussion on what it means to create in collaboration.

The $30 entrance fee includes the workshop and a three-course menu of select local products courtesy of Alexander McNaughton and your local farmer’s markets.


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