A reading workshop with Donato Mancini, Feb. 2, 1 PM, free with signup


You Must Work Harder: A Reading Workshop with Donato Mancini

Join Donato Mancini in a discussion on the major themes of his new book You Must Work Harder to Write Poetry of Excellence, with particular focus on: poetry book reviewing in Canada, the discourse of craft in criticism, the idea of the common reader and the development and role of an “aesthetic conscience.”

Participants only need to bring a copy of the book, and to have read at least one chapter. Participants’ interests, questions, concerns, retorts will guide our discussion, which will be run like an informal seminar. 
Space is limited to 15 (or so) participants*. 
To sign up, please write to: donatomaATgmail.com

Kootenay School of Writing 
237 Keefer Street, Unit 245
Saturday February 2
1:00 pm

Admission is $0.00. (Free). 
Vegan snacks and coffee will be served. 
Copies of You Must Work Harder to Write Poetry of Excellence can be obtained direclty from the author, through the People’s Co-Op Books, through Pulpfiction Books or ordered online from BookThug. 
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