maladjusted, Play, March 7-24, $6-12

maladjusted, Play, March 7-24, $6-12

Theatre for Living, the company that brought you after homelessness… (2009) and Us and Them (2011,) is proud to present their new forum theatre play, maladjusted, created and performed by mental health patients and caregivers.

This innovative theatre project and two-day Dialogue Series will confront the barriers to patient centered care within our maladjusting mental health system.

Dates: March 8-24, 2013

Evening shows are at 8pm Tuesday-Sunday

There will be a 2×1 preview March 7 @ 8pm

There will be 2×1 matinees March 13 & 17 @ 2pm

Free maladjusted Dialogue Series will take place March 18 & 19th. Information for this event will be posted in the coming weeks

There will be a live interactive, global webcast March 24 8pm

The performances will take place at the

Firehall Arts Centre

280 E Cordova St. Vancouver BC, V6A 1L3

For ticket inquiries see below:

Box Office: 604-689-0926

Tickets online:

Tickets $12 + service charges

For more information on Theatre for Living please go to:

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