Free Southern Indian music workshop, plus paid concert, Feb. 16

Note the concert in the evening, and the free workshop in the afternoon, on Saturday.

February 16, 8pm 

Sangati: An evening of music from and inspired by Southern India 
The Western Front (303 east 8th Ave.)
The Western Front and Curtis Andrews present a concert of Carnatic music (South Indian classical).  You will hear some amazing musicians and some instruments that rarely make an appearance in Vancouver, namely the veena (an ancient type of lute) and the mridangam (the chief percussion instrument of South Indian music). Artists include:

Curtis Andrews: mridangam
Jared Burrows: guitar
Colin Maskell: flute
Karthiga Parmeswaran: veena
Prabha Sivaratnam: Carnatic violin
Vidyasagar Vankayala: Carnatic vocal
$10-$15 Advance tix at  
Also, on the day of the concert, Vidyasagar Vankayala and I will be presenting a workshop/lec-dem on the essentials of Carnatic music.  This is being offered to allow potential audience members to gain more insight into the inner workings of this music and attain a better appreciation of the night’s music.
WORKSHOP: 2:30pm at the Western Front.  FREE!!!
Pre-registration is required.  Contact:  Facebook link
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