Tonight: Talk with Colin Browne, Feb. 26, Contemporary Art Gallery

Tonight: Talk with Colin Browne, Feb. 26, Contemporary Art Gallery

Feedback Series

Tuesday, February 26, 7 pm

Contemporary Art Gallery

Please join us as the feedback series of talks continues with poet Colin Browne.

Colin Browne’s most recent book of poems,
The Properties (Talonbooks, 2012), is the prompt for tonight’s special feedback evening. Readings and discussion points from Colin Browne will lead an inquiry into the idea of ‘documentary’ in relationship to the works on display in Ciprian Mureşan’s exhibition Recycled Playground and Raymond Boisjoly’s work As It Comes.

Colin Browne is a filmmaker, writer, film historian, a professor of film in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University, and a poet who has been nominated for the Governor-General’s Award for Poetry.

Feedback Series: is a series of public talks at the CAG on Tuesday evenings.This series invites cultural and critical producers to present thoughts and ideas rooted in their own interests and practices, and invites audiences to join in the conversations that will explore relevant contemporary issues, theories, ideas and culture.


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