Synaesthetic art event, March 9, $5

Synaesthetic art event, March 9, $5

I love how unique and creative so many inexpensive events are.

EVENT | Synesthetic
DATE | March 9th, 7-11 PM
LOCATION | 119 Main St.
COST | 5 


Synesthetic explores the relationships between experience and memory through the convoluted vocabulary of contemporary painting. Humans interact with the world through five separate senses, yet they all work together to provide a singular experience. However, each sense has the ability to simulate another, in a way creating a synthetic experience. Because of this, senses and therefore experiences, can be heavily manipulated. The work investigates these connections and attempts to deal with the challenges of representation, depicting imagery that hints at layers of experiences that have been stripped of their memories. 

Works by Luis Lopa 

co-curated by Miret Rodriguez

$5 Membership free includes 1 beer

$3 Beer before 8pm

Licenced Event

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