25 Gestures for Dancing on the Edge,July 4 – 13, Gastown, FREE (part of Dancing on the Edge Festival)

Co.ERASGA and Dancing on the Edge Festival present:

25 Gestures for Dancing on the Edge

Choreographed by Alvin Erasga Tolentino
Performed by Alvin Erasga Tolentino & Alison Denham.
Noon, rain or shine, daily throughout the festival (July 4 – 13, 2013)
Location: Gastown’s steam clock (Water at Cambie)
FREE, 25 mins

25 minutes to mark 25 years: In celebration of the Dancing On The Edge Festival’s 25th anniversary, Vancouver choreographer Alvin Erasga Tolentino of Co.ERASGA has created a new site-specific duet with critically acclaimed dancer Alison Denham which will premiere at this year’s festival, July 4-13. 

Composed of 25 gestures, the dance will be performed around Vancouver’s Gastown historical steam clock. At noon daily throughout the festival (July 4-13), the duet will move in accordance with the clock’s signal, beginning a ritual comprised of distinct ‘gestures’ and dance.

Just as in live performance where each second, each minute and each show is different, so is each year of the festival unique in its own way. Movements illuminate and observe the minute hand of the clock and establish a daily ritual that pays homage to the legacy Dancing on the Edge has given shape to over the years.

DOTE has been an important force in the development of Co.ERASGA, presenting many of the company’s works over the years, including  Amongst (2012), Music Meets Dance (2010), Paradise/Paradis (2009), ADAMEVE-Man/Woman (2008) andBODYGlass (2006).

Internationally acclaimed dance artist Alvin Erasga Tolentino’s work has spanned close to three decades of interpreting, creating and contributing contemporary dance for Vancouver and touring internationally. He founded Co.ERASGA in 2000 and since then has created a substantial body of full-length memorable works, most recently EXpose and Colonial. Tolentino’s dance pieces reflect on identity, gender, interculturalism and cross-cultural collaboration. In 2010 he received the Vancouver’s Mayor Arts Award for his contribution to the performing arts in Dance. Tolentino is currently working onShifting Geography, a German/Canadian collaboration that will premiere at the Cultch in February, 2014.

Co.ERASGA has a distinguished international reputation for a singular vision of hybrid dance, diversity and collaborations of other artistic practice and multimedia. Working regularly with artists from different cultures, Co.ERASGA promotes exchanges, visioning and creation bridging ideas and aesthetics between the wealth, polarities and heritage of East, West and the global phenomena.

More information: dancingontheedge.org OR companyerasgadance.ca

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